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PAWS 4 Wellness - No more "ruff" days at the office!

Monday, January 21, 2019

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Popularly known as Blue Monday, January 21st has been deemed the saddest day of the year. In 2019, we want to help you turn this into the most PAWSitive day of the year! Join the Ottawa Humane Society and take a PAWS in your work day for some canine and kitten cuddles! PAWS 4 Wellness is a workplace charitable campaign whereby local companies raise money to receive an OHS animal visit. Here are the benefits that our furry friends can bring to your office:

Help Reduce Stress – Animals are great stress-relievers. Studies show that interactions with animals can decrease stress in humans.

Increased Camaraderie – Animals are a great conversation starter. Co-workers sharing stories about their pets helps to strengthen interpersonal bonds among employees. Companies can perform team building activities to raise the money for their animal visit.

Giving back to the Community – Employees will feel good knowing their workplace donation will help provide Ottawa's animals with food, medical care and shelter. Employees will also help provide the love and socialization OHS animals need while waiting for their forever home.

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Register your workplace  and collect pledges. 

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